The Mentored Workshop

The Mentored Workshop is a weekly gathering for writers who would like to develop their work with other, like-minded artists. Your job will be to bring in ten pages of written work to share and read aloud, then hear responses from the other writers in the group. The “mentored” part of it is that I will guide the sessions, offering my own feedback as an industry professional, and as a mentor to you. Knowing you and your work from a previous class means that I will be able to offer feedback on a more personal level than you might expect in a normal workshop setting.

Who is the Mentored Workshop for?

  • It is for artists who want to develop their story ideas, at any stage in the creative process. Primarily the focus will be on screenwriting, but writing for stage or any other performance medium is encouraged as well.
  • It is for artists who think of themselves as actors, but have an itch to create their own work, tell their own stories.
  • It is for artists who want to experiment with new forms, and build your character and story skills within any form.
  • It is for anyone who needs a nudge to begin writing that massively intimidating short/feature/pilot/play/musical you’ve been meaning to get to!
  • And it may even be simply for you to gain confidence as a writer by hearing an immediate response to your work, and then having the opportunity to continue developing it.

When does it start?

The first sessions will start on Tuesday, November 8th and run through Dec 27th, from 7-9pm. (If there are scheduling issues around the holidays, we may elect to move the final workshop to a slightly later date).


Location TBA, in metro Vancouver. This will be an in person workshop, but if necessary, we may move to Zoom occasionally.

What will it cost?

The cost is $320, plus GST for the full 8-week workshop. Drop ins are not allowed; Participating writers must commit to the full term of sessions.

How do I sign up?

To reserve your spot, payment will be accepted by credit card or by e-transfer.